Large Turtle Box

(Story Currently Unknown)

There are three versions of this turtle box. The first one was made in 1987 (top two pictures, first in rainbow patina ). Second version was made in 1997 ( we are still looking for this piece).  The third version  was made in 2012 ( bottom picture).


Tortoise & the Hair Box Designed in 1990

IMG_0703“The Tortoise and the Hare” is one of Aesop’s Fables and is numbered 226 in the Perry Index.[1] The account of a race between unequal partners has attracted conflicting interpretations. It is itself a variant of a common folktale theme in which ingenuity and trickery (rather than doggedness) are employed to overcome a stronger opponent.


Alligator Snapping Turtle Designed in 1991

This turtle is designed after a Alligator snapping turtle. They live in deep rivers, lakes and occasionally in ponds and brackish water. One of the largest fresh water turtles in the world. The head is massive, with a strongly hooked jaw and very long tail. It uses its tongue as a movable lure.





Tiny Turtles Designed in 1992, 2000, 2010

(Story Currently Unknown)

Turtle Nursery Box

(Date unknown)

(Story Currently Unknown)

Turtle Micros