Tooth Fairy Boxes

Riccio Tooth Fairy Boxes

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Riccio tooth fairy boxes are cast in bronze and sterling silver.
They began as thematic ideas which took the form of a miniature.
The original designs were first carved in wax.

The Tooth Fairy Story

Children have long been cherished for their purity, and playfulness.
Fairies are known to share those very same qualities.
As time passes, every child begins that inevitable change to adulthood.
They become more aware and have important thoughts.
They get bigger and bigger. As the smile grows, the tiny baby teeth become too small,
new bigger ones grow to replace them.
Fairies on the other hand, never grow up!
They remain tiny and childlike for a long, long time.
Baby teeth are keepsake treasures to fairies.
A tooth fairy will wait up all night hoping that its favorite child will
leave a memento of times shared in dreamland.
In turn, the fairy leaves a gift that will be of use in the growing up world.
All in all, each in turn, the tradition of growing up and giving is carried on.

Daniel J. Riccio


Tooth Fairy Box Designed in 1994 

(can be hung or worn)

This is the first tooth fairy box I designed in 1994. I began with a shape that would define an adult tooth with crown and roots.
My inspiration was based on the happy healthy tooth cartoon we have all seen in many versions.


Sleepy Teddy Tooth Fairy Box Designed in 2004

The Sleepy Teddy Box is a classic bedtime miniature. I started with a day dream…
I wondered what it would be like for “teddy bear” to have a tooth fairy experience?
Would it be hard to fall asleep? Would the fairy remember to come?
In this box, the daydream is given life.

“How will I be able to fall asleep, thought teddy, I am too excited.
I am not a child, I can’t close my eyes.”

It was a long, long night. Teddy tried to lie face down, but it made his nose itch
and his body twitch. Before the comming of day, teddy found a way.
With the pillow over his fuzzy head and the tooth under his tiny bed. He fell fast asleep.




The Man in The Moon Tooth Fairy Box Designed in 2007

The Man on the Moon tooth fairy box is my newest creation, finished in February 2007. It is round, like a full moon, and has two lids.
The top lid is the face of a man in the shape of a crescent moon. He is wearing a nightcap donned with stars. Some also see this as the hat of a wizard.
This lid rests on top of the starry sky, which is the second inner lid. When they are opened the stars reveal a tooth fairy and the man is sound asleep.


Butterfly Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy Box Designed in 2013

(Story Currently Unknown)



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